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Giovanni Gurnari deals with water engineering for over 45 years.
His job focuses on applications in wellness, aquatics and compatibility of materials in the health, touristic, sport and recreational fields.
He can provide a multi-year experience in the domains of thermalism, water supply, water-based wellness centers, hydrogeology, applied hydraulics, plumbing, thermo-mechanical plants, water plants, water, environment and materials hygiene.
He has a remarkable international experience in behalf of several public and private Organizations and companies in more than 70 countries.
At present he is the Vice President of FEMTEC and President of Technical Commission of FEMTEC. He is also the official FEMTEC representative in China and national reference for the promotion of “Tourism for Health”, in cooperation with “China Hot Spring Tourism Association”, organization controlled by Chinese Tourism Ministry in Beijing.

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Via Tre Settembre, 99
47891 Dogana
Republic of San Marino

Phone/fax: +378 909778


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